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15 December 2017

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Are You Driving Your Career, Or Is It Driving You? Key Elements for Career Management and Work/Life Balance

Speaker:Amanda Bell, Energy Confidence & Success

In todayís economic environment knowing how to manage your career is extremely important. Itís easy to lose your motivation, direction and passion for what you do and for life. The key to getting all this back is to know yourself, your skills and what drives you, so that you can bring back your passion and succeed. Energy and confidence exudes success.

How often have you taken the time to sit down and really look at what direction your career is taking? Where will you be in another 5 years? Are you prepared for your future?

Most of us look at our finances regularly, weíll even go and see our bank managers to discuss the best path for the future, but when it comes to our careers or our lives we donít look any further than the next pay cheque. We somehow have this belief that our future cannot be carved out by us and yet it is what we do today that dictates our future.

Itís time to take your future into your hands.

In this discussion you will get hands-on experience to show you how, if you have alternatives, you can obtain more challenging and growth-oriented opportunities.

Topics covered will include:

  • How to identify what motivates you? Without knowing what motivates you, how can you succeed and be happy.
  • What are your values? Are you living by them? How do they influence your success and passion?
  • What skills and knowledge do you already have? What skills and knowledge do you need to acquire?
  • Where do you see yourself in another 5/10/15 years? How to set realistic goals. Why this is important.
  • How to improve communication between employer and employee.
  • What happens if you need/have to change the plan?
  • BCS Qualification options for Career Advancement

Seating is limited: please register at EventBrite.


Executive Offices - Business Solutions

275 Slater Street,

9th floor, Ottawa,

ON K1P 5H9 , Canada

Parking is free after 6:00PM on Slater and Kent

Buses available: 94,95,96,97 and others

Registration:Please register if you are planning to attend.
Sponsor:British Computer Society, Ottawa Branch
Time:6:30 PM
Date:Thursday, 29 November 2012
Location:Executive Offices - Business Solutions, 9th Floor, 275 Slater St., Ottawa
Open To Public:Yes. Members of the public are welcome to attend.
(BCS was formerly known as the British Computer Society)
BCS is a registered charity: No 292786